A complex political movement gets admirably cogent treatment in Corey Ogilvieā€™s 'Occupy: The Movie.'
Dennis Harvey, Variety Magazine
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Director / Editor

Corey Ogilvie
Corey Ogilvie


Producer / Composer

Andrew Halliwell
Andrew Halliwell

Andrew is the Creative Director of Strangeways Media where he works on web development and new media projects, he made this site, in fact. In the last number of years, he's turned composing into a second career by creating songs for films, 'Occupy: The Movie' being no exception, and licensing his independent work. The compulsion to create the documentary came from an innate disdain for bullies, sociopaths and network news. There are so many stories from the creation of the documentary that he would love to share with the world. If you represent a podcast, blog, radio show or TV program, do get in touch. He doesn't smell and will bring his own packed lunch.


Associate Producers Liam Leahy, Jeff van Rens. Collaborators Anna Leah Jacobson, Bran Dougherty-Johnson, Casey Neistat, David Sauvage, Dennis Trainor Jr., Iva Radivojevic, Martyna Starosta, Mary Notari, Mitchell Parsons, NewYorkRawVideos, Luke Rudkowski, Simon Streatfield, Syd Woodward. Cast Aaron Black, Amin Husain, Andy Biclbaum, Dr. Cornel West, Chris Hedges, Douglas Rushkoff, Eli Feghali, George Machado, George Packard, George Martinez, Gideon Oliver, Jen Waller, Jesse LaGreca, Justin Wedes, Kalle Lasn, Kevin Zeese, Lee Camp, Lisa Fithian, Makh Aten, Margaret Flowers, Marianne LaNabat, Mark Adams, Prof. Mark Beissinger, Mattathias Schwartz, Michael Levitin, Michael Premo, Nathan Schneider, Nicole Carty, Prof. Noam Chomsky, Prof. Nolan McCarty, Pete Dutro, Priscilla Grym, Reggie Middleton, Prof. Richard Parker, Robert Monks, Sandy Nurse, Stephen Squibb, Stuart Appelbaum, Prof. Tim McCarthy, Tim Pool, Vlad Teichberg. Crowd-funding Contributors Andrew Peacock, Joseph Henderson, Janie Della, Ryan Cowie, themuskrat69, Yann Lallemant, dani13, Darcie Monroe, Bobbie Countryman, eatingoatmeal2, Mark Horowitz, Bran Dougherty-Johnson, Dan Maher, James Bell, Vincent Verzat, Dave Coykendall, June Hunt, John Carol Halliwell. Thank you.


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Andrew Halliwell, producer / composer
 +1 (778) 991-7797


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Nick Ware, representative
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